Welcome to the joint internet portal of the Centres for Psychiatry (ZfP) Baden-Württemberg.

As specialist psychiatric hospitals, not only do we care for mentally ill patients with a highly professional portfolio of inpatient, semi-residential and outpatient treatments; we also provide rehabilitative and care services, assist patients suffering from addictions in their withdrawal and implement custodial measures for reforming and safeguarding mentally ill and addicted criminal offenders.

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In accordance with the law for reorganising the state psychiatric hospitals, the Centres for Psychiatry (ZfP) were set up as public law institutions in 1996.

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The individual institutions are very well networked with cooperating institutions and also run their own holding companies.

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The Centres for Psychiatry Baden-Württemberg employ around 10,000 members of staff in a range of professions. As public law institutions we offer varied, attractive and challenging careers and possible functions.

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